Floral Friday : Leucospermum

IMG_4071Leucospermum (Pincushion, Pincushion Protea or Leucospermum) is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the family Proteaceae, native to Zimbabwe and South Africa, where they occupy a variety of habitats, including scrub, forest, and mountain  slopes.IMG_4064

They are evergreen shrubs growing to 0.5-5 m tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, tough and leathery, simple, linear to lanceolate, 2-12 cm long and 0.5-3 cm broad, with a serrated margin or serrated at the leaf apex only. IMG_4065The flowers are produced in dense inflorenscences, which have large numbers of prominent styles, which inspires the name.IMG_4067IMG_4068

The genus is closely related in appearance to the Australian genus Banksia.


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25 thoughts on “Floral Friday : Leucospermum

  1. I was very surprised to see proteas here in NZ. Never thought of them because I lived in the Bosveld and they do not really grow there. Then I also realized that they grow in Australia also. Ha ha shows you I did not know much about them. Thanks for sharing this information again


  2. I love the sight of the Protea so much that I made a 24 x 24 inch painting of this flower. Now I see your pics, I wonder if I could grow it – live in N. California (and have no green thumb!) What do you think – should I give it a try?


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