A Word a Week Challenge – Rust

Once a week Sue dips into her old English Oxford dictionary to pick a word on the page that it falls open at.  The challenge is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.


Rust is an iron oxide, usually red oxide formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Several forms of rust are distinguishable both visually and by spectroscopy, and form under different circumstances.IMG_4354

Given sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron mass will eventually convert entirely to rust and disintegrate. Surface rust is flaky and friable, and provides no protection to the underlying iron.IMG_4356



Weekly photo challenge :

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.

Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone.

Each composition reveals the photographer’s specific sensitivity to certain content or visual elements.DSCI0051.JPGIMG_2888

Floral Friday: Bulbine natalensis

Common Name: BULBINE – NATALENSIS, Ibhucu (Zulu), Rooiwortel (Afrikaans)

Scientific Name: Bulbine natalensisIMG_3902


  • Perennial
  • Frost tender evergreen perennial, broad sharp pointed fleshy yellow-green leaves.
  • Clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers on long thin flowering stems.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Full sun/ semi shadeIMG_3895

Propagation is mostly by seed, but some species form multiple heads or offsets and can be propagated with cuttings.IMG_3903

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs

Our world is filled with signs. Some are big and brassy; some are small and easily overlooked. There are also non-advertising signs, like the signs we get from another person’s body language or an amazingly well-timed note from a friend.

Today I am posting Afrikaans signs ….. ( Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa 🙂 )

All these signs are in the Paternoster (on the West Coast of South Africa ) area.IMG_1097





Nola roots, Texas heart


One Word Photo Challenge: Cream

Cream is the colour of the cream produced by cattle grazing on natural pasture with plants rich in yellow pigments, some of which are incorporated into the light, to give a yellow tone to white. Cream is the pastel colour of yellow, much like as pink is to red. By mixing yellow and white, cream can be produced.IMG_3742


Nola Roots, Texas Heart