Floral Friday : Graskop Agapanthus

Grassland Agapanthus

Agapanthus inapertus ‘Graskop’


Graskop is an unusual deciduous Agapanthus.

Also known as the Lily of the Nile, this agapanthus is an absolute show stopper. The dark violet blue flowers emerge almost black. They sit drooping on top of a stem about 45cm high, and become more pendulous as the plant matures.


The blue agapanthus is deciduous so will disappear during the winter months, only to emerge again in the spring! The plant is fully hardy and has been known to survive down to -15°c.

The Graskop agapanthus makes a lovely container plant, and with its long green, strap like leaves, adds vivid colour and texture. They flower from late July until September and are a favourite with us here. Plant them in clumps for the maximum impact.IMG_1442

Native to:
South Africa
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16 thoughts on “Floral Friday : Graskop Agapanthus

  1. I LOVE it! the different views of it too are nice (soft focus) and well, I am going to have to peek at some of your back posts when I have a chance…. I have been following you for a while now, but I truly have not been able to enjoy these flower posts – I think I have come around more for the photo challenges – hm- anyhow, have a great day NAH and so now I know that not only you love color, but also love FLOWeRS!

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      1. well I will tell ya that I never really pay attention to categories- but when you linked me to this older post = at the bottom of your blog it had the suggestions for similar posts – so you are doing something right!

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