Floral Friday: Cape Coast lily

Natal Lily, Moore’s Crinum Lily,
Crinum moorei, Afrikaans: Boslelie


Crinum moorei is a very ornamental plant native to South Africa. The long dark green leaves are arranged in rosette-shape. From the middle of the bulb stems rises up the tubular flower stem, which develop 6 to 12 flowers. The wide funnel-shaped flowers are from snow white to pink and arranged in clusters at the 80 cm tall flower stalk, which is coming lower under the weight of the flowers a little bit. The flowers are a wonderful contrast to the dark green foliage. The flowers bloom almost in the same time, but are not durable. They smell very intense and reminiscent of vanilla. The scent is stronger in the evening, where he attracts moths for pollination. The bloom time is April-June, in which the plant flowers once a year.

IMG_1453IMG_1450I took all the above photo’s at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

These are in my own garden:lilies

IMG_1983For more click on the icon below:


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