Floral Friday: Geissorhiza radians (kelkiewyn)

The West Coast of South Africa is well known for the annual display of wild flowers that seem to burst into sight almost out of nowhere.  Most people associate the “flower season” with the months of August and September, and while these months are a good time to view the flowers, many times the best flowers are already in bloom by the end of July and depending on the weather conditions, flowers can even be seen during early October.

Geissorhiza radians  (kelkiewyn)
Geissorhiza radians (kelkiewyn)


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22 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Geissorhiza radians (kelkiewyn)

      1. Thank you if you would even try! I really appreciate. 🙂 You can check my blog I have many plants…if there is anything you like, I can send some to you as gift. I collect seeds (also grow some plants from seeds) and donate them for charity fund raising. Though it doesn’t raise huge amount of money but it is positive! 🙂


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